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User Group Mgrs: Teresa Anderson and Kevin Kimmel
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Flash Isn't Dead!!!

You read it correctly! Flash is alive and kicking!!!

Macworld has an artical that might interest you.

Meeting Info from YahooGroups

There is more meeting activity at our Yahoo Group site: This is also where you can get on our email list. 
                            Our next meeting is October 23.

There is more meeting activity at our Yahoo Group site:

This is also where you can get on our email list. 

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Simple, just make sure you are signed into with your Adobe ID (e-mail that you use to register product). After you have signed in a "Join the Group" button will be displayed on the right. Our monthly meeting are  always free.

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Looking for work, have a position to fill, or have just another way to remind you of our upcoming meetings? Join our Yahoo Group, we have almost 300 members signed up and is the best way to reach out quickly to the entire group.

Past Meetings

Mar. 9th: CreateNOW Bash– Joint meeting with The Pacific Northwest User Group. 

THIS WAS A BASH! Choose from a variety of workshops that relate directly to your work. The Gaming Workshop features a session on Distribution and Monetization of Mobile Games, Game Dev Tips and Tricks and an in-depth look at Adobe's Game Developer Tools. 5 Break out sessions covering All the Adobe Applications. Sponsors, guest speakers and an all day event! 

Feb. 10th: Edge Suite and Services Overview – Joint meeting with Adobe FlashEdge Eastside Meetup Group. 

We will be meeting via an online conference.  Chris Griffith will still give his terrific presentation but we will be participating online. What: Edge Animate and Create.js In-Depth. Who: Chris Griffith

Jan. 10th: Edge Suite and Services Overview – Joint meeting with Adobe FlashEdge Eastside Meetup Group. 

In this session, Adobe Community Professional, Chris Griffith will demonstrate all you need to know about these powerful tools and services. Everything from Edge Animate, Edge Code, Edge Inspect, PhoneGap Build, and maybe even a sneak of Edge Reflow.

Dec. 11th: Create the Web Tour – Joint meeting with Seattle moble Web Apps. 

The Seattle Mobile Web Apps Meetup will be hosting the Seattle stop of Adobe's Create the Web Tour. The focus of this Meetup will be Adobe's tools for building mobile applications using web technologies, including PhoneGap.

August 28th: Responsive Web – Fluid building in Dev and Design

If you missed this meeting you really missed an incredible speaker Cassandra St. Louis.  The insight into UX/UI designing were very informative and insightful on the present and future that UX/UI deigns are headed.   Those that attended walked away with alternate ways to make the UX design more efficient as well as a smoother UI.  Thank you Cassandra for your inspiration and speaking at our user group.  Also a special thanks to Aquent for the use of their meeting room it is a perfect place for the Seattle User Group.

July 3rd: Why & How to Use HTML5 Now

Eric Amundson is a web strategist and developer from IvyCat Web Services. He presented the new features and advantages covering HTML 5. More information is available at More info at:

June 2nd: Pacific Northwest Usergroups Community

Eight speakers! and sponsors for this all day event. This was the biggest CS6 Launch event in the western states. What a fnatastic day!

May 1st: Using Flash to create character animation for mobile device games

Jason Fruchter  shared with the group the character animation he created for an iPhone app called "Zangadoo".

ActionScript Adventures with Kevin Kimmel.

April 3rd: Inverse Kinamatics.

Teresa Anderson covered setting up and animating with the bone tool. Kevin Kimmel demonstrated the usage of the Random in his ActionScripts Adventures.  

March 27th: An Evening with Mike & Lee on Flash. 

The Future of Flash – Mike Chambers: The focus of this Flash build is on gaming and video. That doesn't mean theat that animators, bannor ads and application developers are out of the loop. Flash is for what you can't do in a browser. Besides flash, HTML5 and edge is also important. Build assets in flash and export for Edge. Flash will still do what it does but it will focus for gaming and videos. There is also support for outputting applications for ISO and Android devices. 

Adobe Gaming Technology – Lee Brimlow: Console games are moving to Flash. Developers using Flash to create apps for ISO and Android devises. Lots of cool new improvments in Flash. New updated Flash player and air.

November: 8 Minutes on Flash. Members gave short presentation for a chance at great prizes.

October: Jason Fruchter showed us top animations and how he created them.

Jason creates excellent work including Dora the Explorer for Nickelodeon.

September: Design and publish HTML websites without writing code - Noam Almonino of the Muse team.

Learn how you can create websites as easily as you create layouts for print using MUSE (in beta). You can design and publish original HTML pages to the latest web standards without writing code.

Good References: Article in Adobe's Inspire online magazine on MUSE, More details and download beta, Muse Videos

August: The Return of Antonio Holguin for “Flash Mobile Hands on Workshop”. Antonio gave a preview of the workshop he will be conducting at Adobe’s MAX event this year; if you’re going to MAX this presentation is well worth your time, if you will not be at MAX check out Antonio’s tutorial here

June:  Want scoop on the local Flash and other digital-media job market? Curious about top skills and how to get noticed by hiring managers? Heather Simmonsen from The Creative Group finds freelance and contract work for hundreds of digital-media professionals in the Seattle-area. Creating and Presenting a  Powerful Portfolio.

May: 8 Minutes on Flash. Members gave short presentation for a chance at great prizes.

April: Antonio Holguin demonstrated New Features in Flash CS5.5 for Mobile Applications. He also discuss how to build your apps and some tips, tricks and best practices for good performance and design. Antonio is a Adobe Community Professional and a Designer in the Mobile and Devices Group at Smashing Ideas.

Antionio's Blog

March: Revisit of the Peg Puzzle, Speaker Kinsey Fobes ( The Peg Puzzle is an old tutorial by David Brebner.  You can find this in many places on the web.  If you want to check out the original tutorial please feel free.  We will be converting this puzzle to AS3 with external ActionScript files, fixing several problems and even adding some basic animation. Kinsey is also teaching an Introduction to Flash at Renton tech (

February: Canceled due to weather.

January: Building “Plants vs. Zombies” in Flash
Max Anderson from PopCap games will cover traditional game architecture and the update loop, tradeoffs in the Flash graphics API versus PopCap’s native PC graphics API, animation, font rendering, sound and music systems, and resource management.

Max's Presentation from Adobe MAX
Emanuele Feronato's  site on building Plants vs. Aliens

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